Vincent was exposed to music at an early age. His father played accordion for the Italian Band "The Godfathers." The name did not originate as a mobster spin off, but rather because each was the godfather of another's child within the group. There the boy would sit from an early age listening to the Godfather rehearsals and shows. He was exposed to Italian folk music, arias, and repertoire from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's. His mother played the radio. ..And she played it well, exposing him to Classical, Jazz, Mo town, Rock, Funk, Disco, Ballads, Top 40 and a smattering of everything else.
Vincent was given piano lessons from age six to nine, but quit because he hated to practice. Still he had a deep passion and yearning for music for it moved him deeply. The arrangements, the harmonies, moving rhythms and rich melodies inspired him.  He studied guitar with Dr. D. Doig, performed with the University Chorus under T. Mount, and played drums for the first ever Seawolves Pep Band. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Music/Italian from State University of New York at Stony Brook and his Master's in Italian from City University of NY Queen's College. He played guitar, piano, bass and percussion with a recording and touring group The St. Patrick Folksingers and SGT Orchestra in the 1980s and the Pentecostal band at Bethlehem Assembly in the 1990s.  Vince currently tours with Eyewitness on bass guitar and is Director of Arts for a prominent school district.  He is an aspiring Renaissance Man who wants to share his art, music and poetry.

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